Rooftop Solar Solutions

Fourth Partner Energy – India’s most trusted rooftop solar developer

Fourth Partner Energy has installed over 300 MW of rooftop solar projects for India’s top businesses and institutions.

Convert idle space on your roofs into electricity and revenue generating ‘assets’ – that is our rooftop solar proposition in a nutshell.

Many facilities have ample roof space, conducive to the installation of a solar power plant. These plants can bring down your business’ energy costs between 30-60%, a simple way to monetize the area within your manufacturing or processing units.

How do I engage Fourth Partner Energy in installing a rooftop solar power plant for my business unit?

  •   You simply offer us temporary access to your unutilised roof space and sit back, as we take over and turn it into a revenue-generating asset. According to your business plan, choose from Capex (client owns the asset), Opex (client pays for unit electricity consumed, developer owns the asset) or an easy EMI financing model.
  •  Clean, green source of Power Better for the ENVIRONMENT
  •  At Fourth Partner Energy, we offer end-to-end services for solarising your facility. A site survey is conducted to analyse the feasibility of rooftop solar at your premises while simultaneously analysing your business’ energy consumption and requirement.
  •  Our in-house team of experts then customise your project. Right from design, financing, engineering, construction, maintenance and service – we at Fourth Partner take pride in being recognised for our best-in-industry performance across all these verticals.
At Fourth Partner Energy – We prioritise and adhere to stringent health, safety, policy and regulatory compliance.