Wind Solar Hybrid Solutions

Wind Solar Hybrid systems are the ideal solution for companies looking to maximise their purchase of renewable energy – it presents an opportunity to harness the complementary nature of solar power and wind power simultaneously for a single consumer.

A Wind Solar hybrid plant generates power in a continuous pattern, with much less variability than a standalone solar plant (generates only during daylight hours) or standalone wind plant (generates mainly during evening/night). The WSH system is ideal to combat seasonal patterns as well wherein Solar generates relatively less during monsoon, while wind generation peaks during the same period.

Another advantage with this system is that it reduces dependency on banking policies of a given State for maximizing RE procurement. With more and more States moving towards energy settlement within same ToD zone – or even further in 15 minutes time slots, a customer can’t export more during daytime with solar power and use this banked energy during non-solar hours. A WSH system addresses this constraint. Moreover, the Wind Solar Hybrid solution ensures high Plant Load Factors (PLFs) and reduces variability in RE power dispatch.

What Is Wind Solar Hybrid?

The WSH power system combines power from collocated solar panels and wind turbines, which is then wheeled by Fourth Partner Energy to the client’s site – in a manner or pattern complementary to each other catering to client’s base load.

A WSH system becomes cost competitive as solar and wind power plants share the same evacuation infrastructure – a developer benefits from reduced fixed costs and better asset utilization whereas the customer benefits from reduced transmission charges.

Fourth Partner Energy works hand in hand with India’s corporates to analyze their base loads and provide optimum RE power through WSH within the regulatory constraints of the states.

The firm has Wind Solar Hybrid parks upcoming in Gujarat and Karnataka.

Advantages Of A Wind Solar Hybrid System

  • Enhanced cost savings and 20-30% increase in RE consumption
  • Stable, non-intermittent power supply that matches clients’ baseload
  • 24x7 uninterrupted clean energy can power your business
  • Reduced capital costs