Customising Solar Solutions for India’s Commercial and Industrial Sectors

Fourth Partner Energy is India’s leading solar solutions provider with an installed capacity of over 500 MW in 24 States.

Reducing electricity costs for your company, lowering your carbon footprint, meeting Renewable Purchase Obligations, procuring short-term power from the spot market or transitioning to electric mobility – whatever YOUR energy requirement is, our company will tailor-make the solar solution to suit your goals.

Our aim at Fourth Partner is to enable and encourage businesses to contribute towards decarbonisation and decentralisation of power. We understand India is an extremely price-sensitive market – the 30-50% savings per-unit cost of electricity we offer to clients, continues to be our big driver.

We focus on influencing the client’s long-term energy transition and sustainability goals.

Our On-site and Off site solar solutions

Our On-site solar solutions are ideal for businesses looking to shrink electricity bills. A solar installation is designed in-line with site specifications and is erected inside the premises of the client. Innovative financing models like Opex (zero capital investment), Capex (client owns the power plant) and easy EMIs make on-site solutions popular.

Our Off-site solutions use grid infrastructure to transmit solar generated at a remote location, to industries that have bulk energy requirement, but no idle roof or ground space for a solar plant within its premises. Our clients rely on off-site solar to help meet their RPOs and long-term energy transition goals.

At Fourth Partner Energy, we aim to be India’s largest renewable energy solutions platform. Our offerings include solar-plus-storage solutions, short-term bilateral energy trading and EV charging infrastructure.