Open access solar captive

Open Access Solar – Captive

Open Access solar is a great way for bulk consumers of electricity to not just save on costs, but also work towards meeting RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligation) and long-term energy transition goals.

In the Captive model, the corporate buyer seeks to own the power-generating asset in entirety. The solar power generated off-site is used for the buyer’s self-consumption. The client puts in the initial capital investment, while Fourth Partner Energy builds, operates and maintains the solar plant over the lifetime of the asset.

The Captive model works best for firms that have a large demand for electricity and are committed to procuring it from Renewable sources.


Why should YOU consider the ‘CAPTIVE’ model under Open Access Solar?

  •  There is long-term clarity and certainty on price-per-unit of electricity. Solar power is significantly cheaper than grid-tariffs, clients can save up to 40% on costs per-unit.
  •  Waiver of cross-subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge under ‘Captive’ and ‘Group Captive’ models for Open Access
  •  The client is eligible for tax benefits under ‘Accelerated Depreciation’ as he owns the asset on his books
  •   No technical expertise required for complete energy transition – 4PEL will take care of end-to-end operations including setting up and servicing the solar asset

Fourth Partner Energy is setting up off-site solar parks in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Electricity from these mega-solar parks are wheeled to our customers using the state-owned transmission network.