Renewable Energy Solutions For Bangladesh

Market Opportunity for Renewables in Bangladesh

Bangladesh receives on average 3.5-4.5 peak sunlight hours a day with irradiation of 5 kWh/m2, with the South receiving maximum intensity.

According to the Bangladesh Power Development Board, the country has the potential to generate over 50 GW of renewable energy from sources like solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. Bangladesh has set a target to produce over 4 GW of RE by 2030, with solar power anticipated to contribute to half of the power generation.

Today, Bangladesh relies on natural gas to meet over 50% of its electricity requirement. With geopolitical issues resulting in increased costs of imported LNG, electricity prices are on the boil. This provides an opportunity for Solar to compete with conventional sources.

Current electricity prices from diesel or furnace oil-based plants cost around Tk 14-18/kWh (US$ 17-21 cents/kWh). Grid tariffs range from 7.5-9 taka/kWh for Industries.

Regulatory Framework Rooftop
Net metering 70% of sanctioned load maximum upto 10 MW
PPA with C&I allowed Yes
Operating lease model Not required
PPA with Discom Yes

Renewable energy capacity addition is the most favourable option for Bangladesh’s power system which suffers from a hefty subsidy burden and overdependence on fossil-fuel imports. (Source: IEEFA)

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