Innovative Solar Solutions

"As more and more businesses look towards renewable sources to cater to diverse energy requirement – it becomes imperative to find dynamic ways store the energy and deploy it across applications.

This need for renewable energy ‘on-demand’ has driven Fourth Partner Energy to foray into offering Lithium-ion based Storage solutions, as well as the setting up of solar-powered EV charging hubs. We are committed to ensuring the Lowest Cost of Ownership to the customer – our Lithium-ion-based solutions are more compact, safer and cost-effective when compared to traditional lead-acid battery systems.

Our Solar-plus-storage model ensures zero interruption of power supply, even during grid outages. It helps in optimising energy consumption, by reducing operations downtime and instantly switching over to stored power supplied from the battery.

We also offer Energy Trading services to supply electricity to the clients with both short-term and long-term energy requirements. Fourth Partner Energy is proud to be a registered member of the IEX (India Energy Exchange) and PXIL (Power Exchange of India Limited).”