Fourth Partner Energy’s International Operations

Eye On South & Southeast Asia

Fourth Partner Energy is India’s leading Renewable Energy company for Commercial and Industrial businesses – we bring this execution expertise and operational excellence to key geographies that have set aggressive energy transition targets across South and Southeast Asia.

The firm commenced International operations in FY20. We are today present across Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our value proposition to corporate clients across these geographies is the same – offering low-Cost, low-Carbon electricity solutions to help businesses accelerate their Sustainability goals.

Our focus also is on global brands with a commitment to a Net-zero supply chain – many MNCs have their procurement and manufacturing facilities in these emerging Southeast Asian markets: Fourth Partner Energy is keen to work with them in their Decarbonization mission.

Our aim is to lead businesses away from fossil fuels, while meeting their increasing demand for energy – our customised clean energy solutions help businesses offset their carbon footprint, while improving energy access and creating a positive impact on the environment.