Off-Site Solar (Open Access) Solutions

Many industries today aim to lower their carbon footprint and make strides towards procuring 100% renewable energy for their operations.
Off-site solutions help them achieve these sustainability goals, while ensuring guaranteed savings for every unit of solar power purchased.

Off-site solar via the Open Access network uses grid infrastructure to transmit solar power generated at a different location to industries that have bulk energy requirements, but no idle roof or ground space for a solar plant within their premises.

For many of our clients, a typical rooftop solar power plant is not a viable option due to space constraints and greater energy requirement. This is where our grid-connected Open Access plants offer the ideal solution. Our clients rely on off-site solar to not just save on costs but also to help meet their RPOs and long-term energy transition goals.

Fourth Partner Energy is setting up solar parks in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Electricity from these mega-solar parks are wheeled to our customers using the state-owned transmission network.

Why Should ‘YOU’ consider our OPEN ACCESS Solar Solutions?

  •  Zero Upfront investment Better bottom-line for YOUR BUSINESS.
  •  Guaranteed cost-savings per-unit electricity.
  •  Risk-free, hassle-free option to meet.
  •  Favourable policy regimes across states.