Rooftop Solar – H1

Partnering for Sustainable Change

Fourth Partner Energy is a full services Renewable Energy Services Company
(RESCO) providing Design, Engineering, Installation and O & M Services
for Rooftop Solar Systems.

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Our Achievements


Locations Installed

30000 Units

Power Generated Today


Number of Customers

9000 tons

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emission reduction

18,000,000 litres

Water Saved

Why Fourth Partner Energy ?

Support in every part of the project

Financing, Engineering, Project Installation, Post-installation support


The Operating Team consists of an experienced workforce, all of whom have spent many years in the solar industry.

Customized Solutions

Provide ‘best-fit’ solutions to the Customer’s needs


Best in class service and setup

Components of a solar system

Solar panels

Capture sunlight and generate electricity using photoelectric effect


Used to convert Direct Current (DC) generated by the SPV modules to Alternating Current (AC) that can be used to power appliances running on AC.

Charge Controller

Regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery.


The system ‘synchronizes’ with grid power.

Battery Bank

Used to store the generated solar power. Also acts as a power source when power is unavailable.

Net Meter

Records net energy between export of generated solar energy and import of Discom energy for a billing month.